Media Training for Lawyers

Media Training for Lawyers

Training in media relations aids attorneys who work with the media in anticipating reporter behavior, avoiding common traps, and focusing their messages confidently.

Although the media landscape is changing, the importance of media training for law firms remains undiminished in an era in which there are more writers and news “reporters” than ever before. With media training, communicators can focus on their own interview objectives, whether they are talking to traditional mainstream journalists, trade journalists, or bloggers.

With media training, clients can learn how to deliver at attorney’s message in a powerful way: words, tone, and body language. Television viewers are paying attention not only to words, but also to body language and facial expressions.

Advantages of Media Training

In addition to developing confidence when dealing with the media, media training has many other advantages. Many lawyers are terrified by interviews, and in particular, live radio or television. Our clients find, however, that being featured in the media can be one of the most powerful forms of marketing and PR for your law firm once interview skills are developed.

Occasionally, journalists will ask you questions that are difficult to answer or put you on the spot. Media training can prepare you for challenging questions so you’re prepared for any unexpected twists or turns during the interview. In an interview, clients can boost their confidence by preparing for difficult questions ahead of time.

Attorneys that go into an interview without having clarity around key messages or feel unprepared for difficult questions, have a much higher likelihood of being misquoted. Media training can help you avoid the possibility of being misquoted through learning the specific skills of clear, concise and effective communication.



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