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Media relations for law firms has always been an essential part of public relations. Whether it’s improving brand visibility, media planning, issuing & distributing press releases or pitching journalists with stories, AIJ Communications can provide well-rounded exceptional media relations services with local teams but at a national scale.

What is media relations? Media relations can be defined as the process of building and maintaining positive relations of a company or organization within the media. The result of these activities is the creation of connections with journalists and editors, and then passing on information that will reach important target groups in the industry.

If you’re a lawyer, or represent a law firm AIJ Communications has the experience to help you with media relations locally and nationally.

Media Relations is Mutually Beneficial to Both Source and Publisher

The relationship is mutually beneficial for both parties. Journalists gain easy access to information, expert commentary and other materials, while law firms gain exposure and the opportunity to appear in relevant publications. Media is considered to be newspapers, magazines, radio, television and publications on the internet.

A media relations service communicates a newsworthy message, story, or piece of information to appropriate media outlets. Successful media relations requires experience, knowledge, time, and resources. There are countless contents and formats for media relations.  The development of a strong relationship with the media will enable an law firm or attorney to gain valuable access to the public.

Overall, media relations can have a significant impact of influencing and changing the behavior among target audience groups. This is considered to be a more credible form of communication rather than direct marketing or advertising, because the contents are communicated through a third party.



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